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Just see the amazing results below that an SEO agency achieved for their clients using this amazing solution…

Client website ranking number 1 in both Google maps and the search engine results.

Client website Colour Clinic ranking in the top 3 in Google maps.

Client website ranking on the first page of Google.

Client website Brown & Sons ranking number 1 in Google maps.

Client website ranking on the first page of Google.

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  • Gets your on-page SEO done
  • Creates links for you
  • Increases your website speed.
  • Finds the ideal keywords for your website.
  • Tracks the position of your keywords.
  • Feeds you data to leverage from your competitors.
  • Allows you to monitor the stats of all of your websites on a single dashboard.


Previously we used to pay a heavy fee every year to SEOSITECHECKUP. We get all that we got in SeoSiteCheckup and a lot more in this. We are glad that we made the switch and are saving our precious money every month.
Andre Hales
Agency Owner AT SEO Experts
Always wanted the premium tools out there to get my job done easily. But always ran out of budget while using the top guns this tool is a big relief for me thanks team SEO Hawk for creating this affordable SEO Suite.
Alex Jacobs
Seo Expert


  • Helps you rank on search engines.
  • Optimizes your website pages for SEO.
  • Provides you with detailed insights using which you can further optimize your structure.
  • Helps you increase your website speed to enhance ranking signals.
  • Helps you study your competitors and take benefit from the key strategies.
  • Helps you track the effectiveness of your strategies.
  • Keeps your website malware-free.

And a heck a lot more this is just a pyramid of all the SEO Tools out there.

The $ Opportunities With This Amazing Solution:

You just saw above how an agency is ranking clients using this sensational solution.
You can offer professional SEO services, let the solution do it and charge a handsome amount for it.

Look below how much people are charging and customers willing to pay for such jobs.

You can use it for yourself and free yourself from all the cost that you pay the experts for doing SEO for you.

Just have a look below at the average salary of an SEO expert according to

Excellent For Personal Use:

Absolutely amazing for your personal use helps newbies rank, manage and track the results of multiple projects with the utmost ease. If you are even just starting at SEO or have no SEO background still you can utilize this tool without any problems.

Ideal For Agency Use:

If you are running an agency this is the icing on the cake for you lets you manage the stats of as many websites you are managing on a single dashboard and has many other great features that will save time and will improve the efficiency of your agency.



On-Page Seo

Detailed on-page SEO audit and the solutions provided inside the system with consultancy offer with our experts.


Web Stats

A single dashboard where you can connect all of your websites and get all the stats that you need to track the performance of your website.


Competitors Insights

View your competitor insights and learn from their successful strategies.


Auto Suggested Keywords

Get auto keyword suggestions according to your website to cut the hassle of manual keyword research.


Malware Saver

Scans your website for malware and lets you know timely to act and weed out the malware. Saves website reputation.


Backlinks Generator

Creates basic backlinks for you and also allows you to scrap high-quality links placing opportunities and place your links.


Robots.TXT File Creator

Creates a standard robot file for you. A good tool for non-technical users.


Keyword Position Tracking

Helps you track your keywords just add the keywords you’re trying to rank for get updates on how things are going along.


Code Squeezer

Optimizes your website code to enhance the speed of your website.

The features list of this monster is so big that it just never ends:) So we don’t want to waste your whole day reading. We hope that the above details are enough for you to make a decision.

We know you love new shiny tech and might well have used numerous SEO tools by now.

Tools promising rankings for you utilizing the link building methods tools promising you rankings VIA artificial clicks on your websites etc…

Well, there is nothing wrong with this building links popping artificial clicks on your website might help you yield good SEO results in terms of ranking. But what our team lately has noticed is that there’s never been a complete all-out solution launched in this space.

We can say with absolute 100% guarantee

no such tech has been launched in this particular space ever. Because this is a corporate tool that competes with the likes of SemRush, Screaming Frog, Moz and the other top tools out there.

Since this particular space is for low-end products therefore the majority of the product creators shy away from creating such corporate and professional tools and leave you with basic low-end products.

Our Aspiration

Our team aspired to create a tool that the big guys use and place it at an affordable price for the end-users who can’t afford to pay hefty monthly recurring for the premium tools out there on the market. We are glad to let you know that after years of research & development and a ton of money spent we have created SEO Hawk. A professional SEO Suite which is no short of premium corporate tools out there on the market.

Seo Hawk

This amazing tool helps you rank and manage your SEO in the most professional manner giving you all the SEO tools you need at your disposal. From ON-Page SEO to link building to tracking the stats this one has all the punch you are going to need for your SEO.

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    Code Squeezer
    Malware Saver
    Robots File Creator
    Backlinks Generator
    Keyword Position Tracking

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    SEO Hawk Personal: SEO Hawk Personal


    On-Page SEO
    Competitors Insights
    Code Squeezer
    Malware Saver
    Robots.TXT File Creator
    Backlinks Generator
    Keyword Position Tracking
    Auto Suggested Keywords
    Unlimited Websites

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    Seo Hawk Pro: SEO Hawk PRO

    Secured with a 14-day refund policy:

    You are 100% percent secure with a 14-day refund policy. So there is no point you don’t try this amazing technology there is just no loss here only loss could be you not even trying the product.

    Refunds are for technical issues only and only given if we are unable to solve the problem that you reported.

    Customer Support:

    Professional customer support at your service just contact and get expert and friendly help with ease.